In this section, find answers to the most common questions regarding our LED safety products. Couldn't find what you were looking for?  You are always welcome to contact us directly with your inquiries.



Where can I buy 4light LED products?

4light backpacks with LED light and harnesses with LED light can be bought throug our retail partners in Sweden. Are you outside of Sweden, contact us and we will guide you!

Is Nova an environmental friendly product?

Yes. Electronics are RoHS approved. All fabrics fulfills Oeko-Tex 100.

Is it possible to print a company logotype on the Nova harness?

Yes.It is possible to print on the reflective plates.

Is it legal to were 4light LED safety products when cycling?

Yes. 4light LED backpacks and LED harnesses fulfills the regulations in Scandinavia when cycling. If you live outside of Scandinavia, check local legislation. The LED light contributes to better visibility and safety.

Is it possible to customize the programming of Nova?

For maximize safety and visibility, the Nova progamming is different in the versions Standard, Rail, Road and Emergency depending on where it's used. For specific requests, contact us for further dialogue.

Is it possible to customize the LED configuration of Nova?

The Nova LED lights have different configurations in the versions Standard, Rail, Road and Emergency, customized for best visibility and safety. For specific requests, contact us for further dialogue.

Is it possible to become a retail partner?

Send us a message in the contact form on this hompege or directly by email at info@4light.se

Batteries and charging

How long is the operating time of the Nova harness?

With included battery, the operating time of the LED harness is up to 15 hours depending on LED configuration, battery age and temperature. For increased safety we always recommend to bring an extra battery.

LED light

Is it any risk of glare when wearing Nova?

The LED-light in Nova is adjusted to minimize the risk of a glare. As with all types of light, don't look directly into the light source.


Is the Nova LED-harness waterproof?

No. The fabrics have a waterproof coating, zippers are water resistant, LED-light and electronics are well protected. The LED-harness can without any risk be used in all weathers. Personal accessories and battery are safley stored in the chest and back pockets.

Is it possible to wash the Nova LED-harness?

Handwash only. No machine wash. Find more information in the inctruction manual.

Am I allowed to bring 4light products when flying?

Yes. The LED-backpacks and LED-harness may be brought as hand luggage and as checked in luggage.

Is biker working with all brands of MC?

YES. The Biker LED-harness works with all motorcycle types and brands.

Are all needed items included when buying a 4light LED-product?

On delivery of any 4light LED-product, all needed items are included. Extra accessories can be bought according to specific needs. It is always recommended to bring a spare Powerbank.

Product approvals

Am I allowed to wear the Nova LED-harness when working on roads?

Yes. Are there requirements of ISO EN20471 class 1-3, wear the Nova harness as a complement to required workwear. All fabrics including elastic webbing individually fulfills ISO EN20471. The LED-light contributes to better visibility and safety. There are no regulations preventing the use of the Nova LED-harness.