Nova Emergency – Creates a Safe Workspace

Road work is risky! A study showed that 91% of the work force feel worried about a lack of safety!

At traffic accidents, the emergency services are early on site. They might have to start working in a busy traffic environment before all protective measures are in place. It is sometimes risky, but by illuminating staff staying on and near the road, safety and visibility are significantly improved.

The LED light of the harness makes the user visible up to a distance of at least 600 meters in all directions, even when not directly illuminated by headlights of a car. In busy traffic environments a worker is spotted early, and road users are likely to slow down. Even more important, at short distances, 20 – 100 meters, a significantly improved visibility is created compared to that of ordinary reflective garments.

Nova Emergency comes with red front and back plates. If desired, they allow for the possibility of printing the responsibility of different staff persons.

The harness is powered by a power bank with a running time of up to 15 hours depending on the age of the battery and operating temperature.

Use the harness in combination with required work wear.


Specifications: Yellow 40603, Orange 40613

Light: 4light Flexi-LED

Battery: Powerbank 5VDC / 2A, 8000mAh (included)

LED configuration: White dimable worklight in front, yellow shoulder light, red rear light.

Vikt: 700g / 1,54 lb

Certificates: ISO EN20471, Oekotex 100, CE, RoHs

Produced in: Sweden


Powerbank 8000mAh

Waist extension

Red plate, chest

Red plate, back


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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