4LIGHT's vision is to improve the visibility and safety of people living and working in vulnerable environments. We want to act in a global market and be the primary choice for customers where visibility is a crucial factor in reducing the number of accidents.

One late afternoon, Sebastian came to his parents after a motorcycle ride. A motorist had suddenly changed lanes and almost hit him. Terrified of what could have happened, Sebastian was naturally very upset. Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom, but it's not safe. A big problem is that motorcyclists are not visible in traffic.

Kourosh is an engineer, inventor, innovator and father of Sebastian. When he heard what had happened and knowing that he had almost lost his son, he was scared. After a long night with scissors and a soldering iron, he equipped Sebastian's motorcycle jacket with LEDs and wireless electronics. When Sebastian went home the next day with his "new" jacket, he showed road users a whole new, considerate behavior as he was really visible!

The motorcycle jacket gave many ideas about situations where people need good visibility. For example, road workers and logistics personnel who often move in busy environments among both surrounding traffic and work vehicles. The machines are visible but not those who need to be seen - the workers.

Several interviews and surveys showed that there was interest in a bright product, but most people did not want to cut their clothes. Instead, there was interest in a complementary product and it wasn't long before the first LED harness was born.