Nova Standard – LED harness makes you safe


Work conditions might be risky. Due to a lack of safety many workers experience a daily anxiety. Work areas are well lit, roadblocks and machinery are well lit, but not workers. A lit up worker is safer!


The LED illumination makes you visible. With lights turned on you are visible up to 600 m in all directions, but more important, strongly increased visibility in short distances up to 100m. Unlike standard high visibility workwear, you are visible without having head light illumination. In heavy traffic you are spotted earlier. Drivers have been noted to slow down.

Yellow light strips over your shoulders and red light along your back creates a light of caution. White dimmable light in front is a light of caution, too. It is also a work light – without shadows! All light strips are controlled by two switches.


Specifications: Yellow 40601, Orange 40611

Light: 4light Flexi-LED

LED configuration: White dimable worklight in front, yellow shoulder light, red rear light.

Battery: Powerbank 5VDC / 2A, 8000mAh (included)

Weight: 700g / 1,54 lb

Certificates: ISO EN20471, Oekotex 100, CE, RoHs

Produced in: Sweden



Powerbank 8000mAh

Waist extension 

Reflective plate, chest

Reflective plate, back