4LIGHT's backpacks with LED lighting are products that contribute to improved safety and
visibility. There are many applications.
With a simple swipe you become visible up to one kilometer!

Our backpacks are always equipped with 4LIGHT FLEXI-LED. This is our proprietary and unique lighting technology that allows the environment to see you. Bringing the light up to eye level for surrounding traffic in combination with a large light surface reduces the risk of accidents.

Visibility, safety and lighting are fundamental in 4LIGHT's backpacks!
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Have you ever been almost hit by a car or other cyclist? As a commuter, it's important to be seen! Get home safely from work or training to your family by illuminating yourself and your surroundings with 4LIGHT backpacks.


If you've invested in an expensive and fancy motorcycle with all the top-of-the-line equipment, why stop there? Upgrade your investment to include extra safety with 4LIGHT's backpacks that increase your visibility in traffic.


The uncertainty of what is hiding in the dark often creates an unsafe feeling. With light as your hero, you will feel safe whether you are hitchhiking, walking along a dark country road or on a forest walk with your dog.