4LIGHT's warning lights help improve visibility and safety. There are many different
applications. Find the area that suits your needs.
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Say goodbye to the headlamp!

Our harnesses are specifically designed for people living or working in hazardous environments. The solutions are always equipped with 4LIGHT FLEXI-LED, a lighting technology developed by 4LIGHT. Increase visibility in bad weather, twilight, darkness and generally in areas with reduced visibility.

4LIGHT's LED harnesses improve safety, reduce the risk of accidents, increase productivity and thus profitability.

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Working on the road involves great risks. A SEKO survey shows that 91% of road workers feel unsafe due to a lack of safety. Adding lighting like 4LIGHT's way is unique on the market. A lamp that shines works. How well does an old and worn-out reflector work?


As a truck driver or professional driver, you often find yourself in situations where you are not visible to surrounding traffic or colleagues. Other moments that require light are when coupling a trailer or generally when loading/unloading in narrow spaces. 4LIGHT's LED solutions with combined work light and daylight illuminate a large area that facilitates the work.


Pothole digging, design or measurement work, tire service, wildlife searches, and firefighters often find themselves in extremely vulnerable work situations. 4LIGHT's LED harnesses are visible from long distances and influence the behavior of road users who instinctively reduce their speed.