Firedry - The drybag that makes you visible!

A constant increasing tempo combined with stress makes trafficked environments dangerous. Motorists have no or little respect for bicyclists and unprotected pedestrians. Firedry is a 20l, waterproof backpack with LED-light that improves the visibility and safety to the user.

The LED illumination makes you visible. With light turned on you are visible up to 600m in all directions but more important, strongly increased visibility in short distances up to 100m.

Firedry is a waterproof backpack. The LED-light makes you visible to others. The white light on the shoulder straps creates visibility but is also a work light without shadows, usable when unlocking your bike or to find the key you just dropped.

There are shaders on the shoulder straps to prevent the glare effect from the LED-light. The shaders have memory and can be formed as desired. On the left shoulder strap the main On/Off switch is positioned.


Inside the Drybag, there are a removable laptop case, suitable for computers up to 15”.


4light Black/Orange 40502, Grey/Yellow 40503, Black/Black 40504

Light sources: 4light Flexi-LED

Laptop case: 15”

Volyme: 20L

Height: 68cm

Width bottom: 27cm

Width top: 40cm

Weight: 1115g

Material: PVC


Powerbank 8000mAh


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