About Us

One of the Co-Founders Says


To ride a motorcycle gives an amazing feeling of freedom but is unfortunately associated with risks like low visibility in traffic. One day my son came home and told me that he was almost hit by a car at a crossroads when riding a motorcycle. "The driver didn't see me until it was almost too late." Upset by his story, I began to think about how to increase the visibility of both motorcycle riders and other persons being close to traffic such as road wor­kers, bicycle riders and pedestrians. This led to our first product. After some years of development, we have several different products tailored to the needs of the market. Let us help you to save lives in a traffic or other hazardous environment.

Our History

4light AB is a Swedish technology company founded in 2014. With our products, we want to present solutions that contributes to a better visibility and, hence, the safety of people who live and work in hazardous environ­ments. All products are based on our in-house LED tech­nology "Powered by 4light".

In 2014, the harness Biker was launched as our first product. The harness has a Bluetooth link to the vehicle to pick up the brake, indicators and warning lights. Inquiries from construction workers inspired us to modify the Biker to become Worker and Worker+. However, in 2018, Worker and Worker+ were discontinued. Our legacy is the Biker harness and it is still available, but only in the Swedish market.


In 2017, our first pure consumer product, Firefly, was released. It is a flexible LED equipped backpack with a focus on the bicycle market. This product was the start of our consumer ini­tiative and during the autumn of 2018 our product range was broadened with the waterproof LED equipped back­pack Firedry.

In 2018, based on feedback from our customers Nova replaced our earlier harnesses. It is a modular LED equipped harness with its focus on the professional market. Nova is available in several versions depending on the application.