Road workers, commercial drivers, construction workers and emergency personnel have a great need to be seen. They deserve the sense of security that 4LIGHT's solutions provide.


We are your trusted partner in professional working environments where safety and visibility are essential to prevent the risk of incidents. Our range of LED harnesses are specially designed for road construction, logistics and operation and maintenance. With 4LIGHT's products, you can ensure that you are visible to your colleagues and surrounding traffic.


Our LED harnesses increase your visibility in all working environments, whether you work in road & civil engineering, construction, industry or logistics.


Designed to be comfortable during long working days and to withstand harsh weather conditions.


Improve workplace safety by being visible even in poor lighting conditions.

"We have chosen to purchase NOVA Worker for the 2023 asphalt season. We see it as an important step in the development to increase the visibility of personnel working close to traffic."
Jonathan Gillén, Production Manager
Skanska Industrial Solutions AB
"We make money by using 4LIGHT harnesses. We work faster, feel safer and the front work light removes the need for a headlamp."
Sebastian Levinsson, purchasing manager Non Resale Euromaster
"The work light at chest height allows you to work efficiently. The light follows the body and there is always an illuminated area in front of you. We save time using the harness."
Olle Blandin, CEO
Brion Solenergi AB
"We rely on NOVA Worker both for our own staff and for sales in the depots. The harness makes a big difference as soon as vehicles are involved in the operation."
Bizhan Asgaroulady, Assortment Manager
Cramo AB
" As a new partner at Gotland Grand National 2022 in collaboration with SCF, we saw the company 4LIGHT in 2022. The interest in their products was very high in our industry and curiosity spread as our officials walked around the event area with their harnesses. "
Conny Bohlin, CEO
Nordic Sport & Event
"NOVA Standard is a great product that creates visibility for those who work on the road. ProVia strives for everyone who works on the road to come home to their families every day and the harness from 4LIGHT helps us to help our customers."
Robin Nordin, CEO
ProVia Vägmärkning AB
"At Länsförsäkringar in Dalarna, we work to prevent injuries, both small and large. It has long been recognized that reflexes and high-visibility clothing are a life saving that increases visibility, but here the technology with active lights and LED lighting is starting to compete with older technology with prismatic reflectors with only retroreflection. The development with active light is really exciting and we at Länsförsäkringar Dalarna see several areas of use for products with active light. Ordinary reflectors become worse after abrasion or washing, but if a lamp shines or not, it is easy for the user to determine whether the function is there or not. Being able to develop a standard similar to the type approval of high-visibility clothing would be really interesting!"
Jenny Norén, Sustainability Strategist
Dalarnas Försäkringsbolag


Road & construction
Working on the road involves great risks.
A SEKO survey shows that 91% of road workers feel unsafe due to a lack of safety. Adding lighting like 4LIGHT's way is unique on the market. A lamp that shines works. How well does an old and worn-out reflector work?
As a truck driver or professional driver, you often find yourself in situations where you are not visible to surrounding traffic or colleagues. Other moments that require light are when coupling a trailer or generally when loading/unloading in narrow spaces. 4LIGHT's LED solutions with combined work light and daylight illuminate a large area that facilitates the work.
Operation & maintenance
Revolutionize your property and industrial maintenance with 4LIGHT's modern LED solutions. We have designed harnesses to make your work smoother and safer than ever before. Our powerful LED solutions deliver optimal lighting, which not only increases the safety of your workplace but also increases productivity. With improved lighting, you can perform maintenance work faster and easier, extending the life of your equipment and property. Our LED solutions are not only efficient but also energy efficient, meaning you save on operating costs. Equip every emergency vehicle with a Nova Worker and feel safe both in the basement and on the side of the road when you have a job to do.

Say goodbye to the headlamp!

Our harnesses are specifically designed for people living or working in hazardous environments. The solutions are always equipped with 4LIGHT FLEXI-LED, a lighting technology developed by 4LIGHT. Increase visibility in bad weather, twilight, darkness and generally in areas with reduced visibility. 4LIGHT's LED harnesses improve safety, reduce the risk of accidents, increase productivity and thus profitability.



Warning light
Dimmable work light
Removable reflective plates
Size: S-XXL


Warning light
Dimmable work light
Removable reflective plates

Right, left & hazard lights
Brake lights
Reflective print
Size: S-XXL


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